Color Code

Color Code

Color Code

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Product Type : Board Games


Number of Players: 3-5

Playing Time: 90-120 Minutes

Recommended Ages: 8+

A color is worth a thousand pictures.

Everyone has their own color associations for certain terms. Which colors do YOU associate with surfing, music and magic?

As a team you try to harmonize your inner worlds of color. Put yourself in the shoes of your fellow players and crack the COLOR CODE together.

  • Reveal three words. One player is the Color Coder and chooses which colors he or she assigns with the individual words. 

    Now the other players try to guess which colors the Color Coder may have selected and try to pick the same. Each round one of the other players is the Color Master who decides in case of a tie.

    The more often you choose the same colors, the higher is the level you achieve as a team.